FAQ for Runners PickApp

Runners are independent licensed dispatched riders and drivers who have registered with Runners Delivery Limited to access delivery requests by customers on our mobile platform application, Runners PickApp. Together with a smartphone and their own vehicle, they’re eager to help you complete your delivery as quickly and effectively as possible.

Do you want to be a Runner? Great! Just fill and submit the form in this link:

  • First, download the Runners PickApp here:
  • sign up as a new user and go through the quick and simple steps for verification.
  • When you are fully registered on the Runners PickApp, you will need to check the zone of your intended pick-up request for the available runners in that zone.
  • You will then fill in your pick-up and drop-off locations and the details of your order, once you select your preferred runner on the map, you will be shown the estimate for the requested delivery.
  • Upon your confirmation of the runner to execute your request, you’ll receive prompts from the Runners PickApp to notify you of every phase of the delivery such as when your delivery is picked up and when the Runner has arrived at your delivery location.

Kindly download the Runners PickApp from here:  and register using either your email address, social media accounts or Phone number.

You will receive the estimated price for your delivery when you fill in the details of your delivery request and select your preferred Runner on the in-app map. The Runners PickApp will show you the distance, estimated time for delivery and the price.

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you to show love as often as you can, and especially on birthdays and special anniversaries. Kindly input the friend’s details in all the form fields for the drop-off to be made to him/her at their location.

Once you select a Runner, his/her contact information shows up on the delivery tracking page. This includes his phone number and name. you also have the choice of sending an in-app message to the Runner using the messaging feature right beside the call feature on the Runners details.

At the moment, you are not able to edit the pick-up location for your delivery request. Should you need to change the pick-up location, you will have to cancel the order (subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the estimated fee) and place your order again stating the updated pickup location. You can edit the drop-off location any time before completion of your delivery request. A change in the drop-off location will likely result in an increase in the estimated price given at the time you placed your delivery request.

We have three payments payment options. You can choose to either pay by visa/debit card, mobile money or the Runners PickApp wallet. We do not accept payment by cash. However, you may tip a runner with cash.

Go to “Order History” on the app, select the delivery request you need the receipt for, the receipt’s details will be shown.

Our Runners use motorcycles, bikes, cars, vans and trucks so they can carry whatever you want. Runners Delivery limited is positioned to assist you deliver anything you need promptly, safely and at the most competitive prices.

You can change your contact number associated with your account on your profile details. Once updated, you’ll receive a verification code. When confirmed by you, your number will be changed immediately.

You can change the email address associated with your account on your profile details. Once updated you’ll receive a verification email. When confirmed by you, the new email will be changed immediately.

You can change your password associated with your account on your profile details. Once updated, you’ll receive a notification alert. When confirmed by you, the new password will be changed immediately.

This happens when we’ve included new features in the app and provided fixes for bugs in the app to provide the optimal user experience.

Please be assured that we have done extensive background checks on all our runners before registering them on the Runners PickApp. We have the ability to track all runners, and in the undesired event that our package is not delivered, we will provide all necessary assistance to retrieve your package within 72 hours. In the event the item is lost or damaged, you will be reimbursed up to the value you provided when filling the delivery request.

Kindly contact the support team with the details of the trip and we’ll take it up from there

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