FAQ for Runners Delivery

We give you options to easily and affordably execute your delivery and logistics needs. Our service provides access to motorbike riders, cyclists, drivers of vans, trucks and tow-trucks all over your city. With Runners you can have any package delivered to any location, and in the event your vehicle breaks down we will assist you to arrange for it to be towed to safety.

Simply put, if it can be transported, we will provide you with the easiest and most affordable options to get it picked up and taken to the desired destination. Just give our hotline a call to explore your options. Please note that we do not transport illegal items and substances.

We are presently operating in Accra, Tema and Kasoa. The next phase of our growth will provide you with options in Takoradi, Cape Coast and Kumasi.

When you place a delivery request, we find you the most affordable and reliable option from among our pool of runners to undertake your delivery request. Each runner has provided us with their preferred fee per kilometre, which is used to calculate the total fee for a request executed by that runner. You will be notified of the fee, and upon our receipt of your confirmation of your acceptance of the quoted fee, your request will be executed by the selected runner.

  • You may call the hotlines 030 394 2908 or 0201569002, or text our WhatsApp line 0203700327 to place your request for a delivery. We are also available to answer any special enquiry not covered under these FAQs by email to info@runnersdeliverygh.com
  • In the alternative, you may bring your package to our office, located at Osu near the National Ahmadiyya Mosque, and our friendly staff will take the details of your request.

We require payment of the quoted delivery fee to be made by mobile money to Runners Delivery before the selected runner executes your delivery request. Our mobile money lines are MTN – +233 59 738 1490 and Vodafone – ‎+233 50 685 0508.  Unless you are informed by the hotline assistant, all payments of delivery fees should be made only to the above mobile money lines. However, you should feel free to show your love to a runner with a generous tip to him/her directly.

  • Our service is available from Mondays to Saturdays. Should you need delivery completed on a Sunday, just give us a call before close of the preceding Saturday and we will make the arrangement for the execution of your special request.

Our runners are extremely dedicated to serving our clients and are available to deliver even on holidays.

Still have questions?
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